Like water and food, laptops have become one of the basic amenities in our modern life. So its obvious, why people of all age groups finds it very difficult to live without them. Everyone have their own purpose which may vary based on who they are and what they do.Nowadays computer manufactures have started to produce even high end laptops at much cheaper prices.
When it comes to show your royalty, having a luxurious car, bike or mobile phones alone are not enough. Most of the people poses all these. To differentiate yourself from the rest, you should have most expensive laptop in the world by your side. So how are you going to choose your most expensive laptop? What are the things you need to check out before buying such an expensive one? Let’s find out.

Here I have given the collection of top 10 most expensive laptops in the world. These laptops are not luxurious just because of the cutting edge technology they offer, but also the expensive materials used in the laptop creations.
So ready to go over the top 10 list of most expensive laptops in the world? Here we go..
No 10 : Acer Ferrari 1100

Price: $3000
Producer: Acer
No 9 : Dell M6400 Laptop

Price: $3000
Producer: Dell
No 8 : Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS

Price: $4500
Producer : Lenovo
No 7 : Rock Xtreme SL8

Price: $5500
Producer : Rock
No 6: Alienware area 51 m15x

Price: $5000
Producer : Alienware

No 5 : Stealth MacBook Pro

Price : $6,000
Producer : Apple
No 4 : Voodoo Envy H171

Price : $8,500
Producer : Voodoo

No 3 : Ego for Bentley
Price : $20,000
Producer : Ego

No 2 : Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook

Producer : Tulip
No 1 : Luvaglio

Price : $1,000,000
Producer : Luvaglio

It should be kept on the top of this list as it costs $1,000,000. No other expensive laptop in the world come even closer to this price. If you wish to have the pride of possessing the most expensive laptop in the world you need to place an order online. Only after that your laptop will be produced. Beauty about this laptop is, you can provide your own customization on the design, spec and even on the material. You can choose anything from wood, Iron and metal to build your master piece. Luvaglio one million dollar laptop is designed in such a way that the owner can upgrade its hardware at any point of time. You may ask, there is nothing special about the spec and technology used in the laptop but what makes it so expensive? One ultimate thing we can state about this luxurious laptop is ” You won’t have any buttons here. You will only see diamond pieces in place of every key”. So this diamond encrust and bare hand manufacturing are the things which make it to stand out from the rest.