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When Debt Collectors Go After American War Heroes

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 Column by ADAM LEVIN,

Oct. 21, 2012

When it comes to scandalous behavior by debt collectors, I thought I'd heard it all. This is an industry known for its bottom feeders, who routinely bully and intimidate the weakest and most vulnerable among us. Many debt collectors berate and humiliate people into paying off debts that never existed, and pursue people for years, even after the law, common sense, and human decency all demand that they cease and desist.

Now, not all debt collectors are evil, and for those who do it right, it's a difficult and often thankless job. But that's not who we're talking about here. We're talking about those whose limitless creativity in the pursuit of the dollar is only exceeded by their complete lack of morality.  We've written about debt collectors in phony sheriff's uniforms, who roust people from their homes, and hustle them into fake courtrooms, complete with "judges" in black robes flanked by law books and sitting behind raised desks. The purpose of this Star Chamber charade is to deceive and frighten their hapless victims into coughing up the cash on the spot.

Stories like these are legion and help to explain why the Federal Trade Commission receives more complaints about debt collectors than any other industry, year after year, with more than 180,000 complaints submitted in 2012 alone. Despite the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act --- amended in 2006 specifically to rein in abusive debt collectors --- this is an industry that is regularly found to operate on the very fringe of legality.

Still, the case of war veteran Michael Collier is a new low and paints a clear picture of a truly ugly nook in the financial services industry where abuse is rampant and often unchecked.

Michael Collier was 100 percent disabled after incurring head and spinal injuries while serving our country in the United States Army. The guy is a hero. Unfortunately, his condition left him unable to keep up the payments on his student loan.

According to a lawsuit filed by Collier, that lapse put another sort of target on his back, courtesy of the debt collection firm Gurstel Chargo. This saga began when the collector allegedly froze more than $6,000 in Collier's savings account. That was illegal, according to a judge's ruling in May 2012, since the funds that were frozen came from veterans' benefits paid to Collier's wife as a result of his injuries. The judge ordered that the freeze be lifted and Collier's benefits returned.

In response, Gurstel Chargo ignored the judge's order and maintained the freeze on Collier's account for months. When Collier called and asked that his money be returned, what he got back instead was a profanity-laced tirade.

"F#!k you! Pay us your money!" the "legal assistant" allegedly yelled at this disabled war veteran, according to a report published by Stars and Stripes. "You can't afford an attorney. You owe us."

Angry yet? See if this lights your fire. The legal assistant then allegedly wished Collier dead. "I hope your wife divorces [you]," this miscreant spat out. "If you would have served our country better you would not be a disabled veteran living off social security while the rest of us honest Americans work our  a#!es off. Too bad; you should have died."

Talk about scum.

Debt collectors who relish that feeling of power as they push disabled veterans and others around best watch their backs, because there is a hurricane of redemption headed their way.

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